Thursday, 14 September 2017

Painted Hares auctioned for Charity

Earlier this year I was asked by Winchcombe Town Council , if I would paint a Hare for them. The idea was that it would be moved around the town and be part of the
 Cirencester / Cotswold / Hare Trail. Both Lee Crew and myself said yes, and  were asked to name and decorate them with a local historical I chose Winchcombe Mop Fair...and called her.'All the fun of the Hare'.

Painted buttons on the front of a large plastic hare.
Names of rides on her buttons.
All of the artists involved paint the hares for nothing so that when the hares are sold, the net profit goes to the charity..The National Star Centre. 
When I was a teenager, I used to meet residents of the Star Centre that needed help and company while they shopped on Saturday its nice to help a little again.
Painted hare on trolley
All the fun of the Hare on his way to Winchcombe
Lee Crew  is a succesful artist and printmaker, with a sideline in picture framing.
In the garden of Barnbury ,Interior Design, Winchcombe.
We were asked to paint in certain paints so that they would'nt react to the varnish that would be done somewhere else, so this made a change from my usual oil based paints. Both hares have spent the summer in and outside and look as good as new.
Fairground painted wings on back of hare
Detail of back of Hare-www,
 Barnbury Interiors, kindly had a preview night with both Hares, sponsors and guests. Our hares hopped around Winchcombe, appearing in Abbey Kitchens, The Tourist Information Centre, Winchcombe Flowers, Emporium, Food Fanatics, Barnbury and finally Budgens 
Hare sat amongst flowers in florists in Winchcombe.
Inside Winchcombe Flowers
Thank you to everyone linked with 'All the fun of the Hare'.
Lettering in ribbon on back of hare.

My Hare is having his / her last stint stood outside Budgens in Winchcombe before he will be tidied up and taken back to the Hall of Fame, Cheltenham Race Course for the grand Auction on the 6th October. The auction has started online before being finished at the main event.
side view of painted hare

Update- My Hare sold to the lovely auctioneer- Paul Martin- of Flog It fame!

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