Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Fairground Horse Restoration,Today.

I love painting and restoring fairground rides,stalls and showfronts. I thought it would be interesting to put a selection of photographs showing the various styles of restoration happening today. As you can probably tell, I do favour the old traditional look, but it's interesting to see a wide variety of styles.
Horses decorated by John Pockett and KBMorgan
Above- These are the first horses that I decorated working with John Pockett. The photograph makes them look pale but they were much creamier.

Below, original old paint in pretty good condition at Dingles..
Below- A modern new minimalist look.

30 horses painted white, inspired by a Louis Vuitton pastel painted carousel.

Bressingham Gallopers - Photo by Alastair Baker
Above -Flora Bloom , Bressingham Gardens, raised money to get a team of people together to undertake the restoration of their Gallopers.

editorial image
Above- Students at Great Yarmouth College, showing before and after restoration of horses.


Above- Painted by Jimmy Williams in the 1970's 
Above-Workers at Beamish hoping to paint the horses in a style from the 1900,s.
Carters Steam Gallopers

Below are two horses one adult and one juvenile, restored by myself. I love putting a good bit of decoration on the inside of the horses too.

My own galloper restoration, with lots of gold leaf..www.kbmorgan.co.uk

Galloper restoration. Juvenile Horse-www.kbmorgan.co.uk
Restoration of fairground horse -www.kbmorgan.co.uk


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