Friday, 6 May 2016

Words from the Canal

In the winter evenings I always sit doodling while keeping warm and watching telly. One evening I decided to make a project for myself and start to illustrate day I might even string them together to make some stories!
Katie B Morgan
My coloured version of one of my illustrations from 'Words from the Road'

I self published my first book 'Words from the Road' in 2014. This book is full of romany words and their meanings alongside my black and white illustrations. I've been told that they are great for colouring in. The wonderful Peter Ingram helped me enormously with the correct lingo.
Once I'd finished I set about illustrating my second book 'Words from the Canal'.
Years ago I used to visit friends who had beautiful working narrowboats. They delivered coal in the winter and turned their homes into 'trip' boats for some of the summer holidays. I loved staying on them and really loved it when I had the chance to spend a few weeks living in an original boat cabin.
Of course I found it quite magical but it would have been a very different story years ago for families living and working these boats.
Katie B morgan
Words from the Canal
When I have stayed and visited canals and boat museums I found myself collecting words used on the canals ....there are lots, too many for me to use in my little book.
Katie B morgan

I have now published this book ' Words from the Canal'. Once you've read it you will know that I could have called it 'Words from the Cut' and my first book could have been called 'Words from the Drom'. My third book is under way....fingers crossed it will be ready to publish by the end of the year. If you do purchase them, I hope you enjoy them and perhaps add some of the words to your own vocabulary...oh and if you like colouring in...then I'd love to see what you have created.

Both books are available to purchase from my bookshop on Blurb

Books and cards are also available via The Bothy Shop 

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  1. This is another lovely book Katie. Well done you :-)



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