Sunday, 8 May 2016

New article in Landlove magazine

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing myself and my dog Jet featured in the June issue of 'Landlove', a lovely magazine for everyone who loves the countryside, food, travel, crafts and gardens. It's heading is 'loving the simpler things in life' which pretty well sums me up !

katie b morgan
June Landlove magazine
As you can imagine I was both excited and nervous at the thought but both
Kerry Fowler and Sussie Bell were great, completely putting me at ease. The morning of the shoot I quickly threw on some clothes and my green apron....along with my flowery wellies, because it was really muddy by the workshop that day.....had I properly thought about it I could have dressed up a bit but nearly all my clothes have a bit of paint on them somewhere.
My mate Jane, from The Winds of Change Gallery, almost choked laughing when I told her what I was the wellies that really finished her off. The two things that I didn't need to worry about was my workshop and Jet, both very photogenic.
I love my workshop, It's a complete haven, unashamedly idyllic, the sound of birdsong and the toots of steam trains......the flip side is it's tiny and a wee bit damp so I can't store paper, gold leaf and other perishable materials, and there is very little phone reception. Food, cups, milk and kettle are stored in an old tin trunk at the end of the day just in case of any long tailed visitors!
A lot of the time I have to work on site because my jobs are often big but when I can I whizz back to the 'Limehouse'.

Jet the dog outside the Bothy Shop
Jet outside The Limehouse
The day of the shoot was pretty nippy, and unfortunately the chimney stack of the fire had drifted away from the wall so no fire ( It's mended now), but I had big chunky biscuits, Jaffa Cakes and Coffee. I later found that one of the earlier featured ladies had fed Kerry and Sussie with smoked salmon...oops!
Kerry Fowler was very easy to talk to and true to her word sent me a copy of the words......two days later after the word 'ferrules' came to mind.....ferrules not quills, although they are made of quills on my best brushes.
Sussie Bell, again a delight did wonders with her photography, actually, quite a privilege to have been photographed by her. I was glad to see one of my plates sneaking into a photo, the previous craftsperson had been a potter so they couldn't really show mine. You can also see a tiny bit of one of Robs rustic chairs.
All I can say is, a big THANK YOU to Kerry Fowler and Sussie Bell for making it a lovely day, it was great to meet you both, and thank you for making me sound so interesting !
The timing for this magazine is perfect with The Winchcombe Art Trail on 23rd to the 30th May, part of the Winchcombe Festival of Art and Music.

 My workshop will be open and I am also running a free event, 'Sketch, Walk and Talk' to everyone that can walk, talk and hold a pencil...or any combination.

 I can give help but really I'd like it to be a way of meeting new friends and perhaps seeing Winchcombe in a new way. Don't be nervous if you want to come on your own...I'll be on my own too so please come and join in, the more the merrier. For those who can't sit on the ground please bring a fold up seat. I'll bring a bag with extra paints, pastels and pencils for anyone to try. Fingers crossed it will be a dry day and hopefully be an event that we can do once a month.

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