Wednesday, 17 February 2016

An article in Cotswold Life

In a few days time an article about me written by Candia McKormack will be printed in the March Issue of Cotswold Life magazine. I have full faith in Candia ( she is a really lovely and very interesting lady) but I am slightly never know what they are going to write!
Candia is a really easy person to talk to so I think I did I wish I could remember what I talked about.....fingers crossed I didn't say anything that I shouldn't and Bill Treen is mentioned......I would have really liked to read the article before its published....
In the past I have been mentioned in quite a few articles and the majority have been great, but sometimes it's a bit odd. I'm not too worried about the photo...old enough to not be too bothered....(no I'm fibbing, I am old enough but I do want to look Ok.)....., BUT .... I do want my painting to shine and for people to understand and enjoy my painting.
In the past I've had just a few problems with articles.
The Echo printed a picture of me with a group of fairground horses. They were all in white primer but the article gave the impression that they were finished and it took me at least a day to paint each one white! completely wrong I was talking about the fancy scrolls and patterns that I would be painting.
My sister found another old article with a picture of me painting a gypsy wagon. The article was fine but a couple of evenings later a mini bus full of disabled children turned up at my home asking if they could use my horse for the children to have riding lessons....I felt dreadful having to explain that I didn't own a horse.
A more recent paper wrote an article about the restoration of a fairground Waltzer. I thought that I might have been asked about my links with the 1930's original painters Edwin Hall, Billy Hall and Fred Fowle,....but they hardly spoke to me....lovely photographs but just mentioned that I was painting away to my 'love of classical music'! That day I had Classic Fm on, but sometimes it's Radio 4 , sometimes Radio 2...usually whatever I feel like on the day....
.....So, fingers crossed I come across as a 'normal' person who has been self employed for thirty years, a single mum for fifteen of those years , and is someone who feels extremely lucky to have been able to make a living doing what I love.,and to have been able to support my son by myself......

Well Its out and on the shelves!
On the whole it is a lovely article, so tHank you Candia....but I would have made a few tiny changes, and some bits I would have preferred not to have been mentioned...and some bits I would have loved more...especially about my  Mum....who is brilliant, loves horses and art and craft and made me what I am today...Love you Mum xx

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