Saturday, 9 January 2016

Nothings ideas

Slipware plate made by Katie B Morgan
Photo by Alison Morgan
When I did the decoration on my plate, I couldn't resist a pigeon. Years ago my Granny lived just along the road from the Royal  Pigeon racing owners be honest at the time I didn't realise quite what it was about but I liked the house and sign. When I come up with an idea ,for a second I might think it's new but in reality someone has probably created something similar, we just have different styles. I had been looking through my old sketch books for inspiration and had found this picture of Cleeve Hill ,4th July 1987 !  ...birds and roof tops.
Everyday we are influenced by all the images around us so ....nothing is new....well it was once!
John Thompson (1785–1866)
Antique American print.
Boris Artzybasheff
Mark Hearld
Peter Gander
All similar shapes but with different treatments.



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