Sunday, 11 May 2014

Rock the Cotswolds

On April 1st I received an email telling me that I 'Rocked the Cotswolds' !! I did initially think that it was an April fool, but it wasn't....It did make me giggle though.

In 2010 Oli Christie who formed games company Neon Play wanted to tell the world about the famous and hidden gems of people and businesses in the Cotswolds. Hundreds of people and companies were nominated and 75 of us were chosen. The idea is to show everyone that the Cotswolds is a great place to work, live and play....and I have to admit that I'm very lucky to living here.
To find my name alongside big hotels.. Oak House No 1 ,Dormy House Hotel and
 big businesses such as Snow Business, Mini , Lotus F1 Team and GCHQ
Adventurers Jamie McDonald and Kenton Cool
 celebrities ...Kate Moss, Lily Allen,
Artists Teddy M,   Damien Hirst.and .P J Crook
to name but a few... for me quite amazing. I have a happy but pretty normal life and spend most of my time in various workshops listening to a radio with a brush in my hand. I'm not very good at 'networking'
As my sister said back in the year 2000...welcome to the twentieth century just as the rest of us are joining the twenty first!....she knows me well!
A lot of the rockers' have beautiful first I thought...I'd better sort mine out, but then sense took over...I am just me...impossible to pretend to be anyone else...after all I've been me for rather a long time now...and they do say...old dogs new tricks etc
In June they are having a big party....should be fun....goodness knows what I'll wear...I'm so used to clothes with paint splashes or white overalls!

Anyway, Thank you to everyone involved ...It's always lovely to be appreciated.

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