Thursday, 29 May 2014

Faggots at Ma Pardoe's

On a trip to The Black Country Museum I remembered going to a pub called Ma Pardoe's....years and years before. After asking about, I not only found it still existed, but it was almost exactly the same and still had it's marvellous enamel ceiling in the front Bar. ( Possibly the only one left in the country )
The last time I had been there must have been at least thirty years before when I was in an old boat moored at Bumble Hole, fifteen minutes walk away. It's real name is The Swan in Netherton but most know it as Ma Pardoe's after Dorothy Pardoe,who had been the landlady for over 50 years ( She died in 1984 aged the chances are that I had met her.)

Back hall with stairs up to restaurant.

Room into small corridor with bench and hatch ( Off-sales lobby ), with door that leads into another corridor with door to outside.

The weighing machine inside the public bar.

The Swan is now a grade 11 listed building....whooppee ! It really can stay the same now. I was going to say 'If you go' but I'll change that to 'WHEN you go', you will love not only the interior but the locals are great too ...really friendly ...and of course, the food. A huge plate of homemade faggots ,mash, mushy peas and gravy....on a soggy day you can't go wrong.

The Old swan still brews it's own beers too...this is a 'real' pub in every sense of the word. It's not pretentious, shabby chic or a theme pub, It is a proper working pub for real people. The landlord looks a character too, Tim Newey, who walks about wearing Victorian style suit, waistcoat and watch chain....and apparently is rather partial to organ music!

The original six bay Victorian bar back with beautiful etched mirror

The rear room
I'm not one for going out to lots of pubs on a regular basis, but I do find Ma Pardoe's a delight, I hope you do too.
Looking into some of the rooms of The Swan, Netherton

......Ps.....mines a pint please!

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  1. Never heard of this place before. You certainly find the interesting places Katie.



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