Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Wool Bandits wrap up Winchcombe

Notes about town ....
' Sudeley the sheep' later lost due to sheep rustling....Little Bo Peep is still looking....
Spinning Yarns........Spin -Artists at it again....
Outside The Ba-ba Shop
Woolen 'Stocks' holding  Kid Crochet , Wild Ball Two Ply and Mary Double Rib.
Ewe-nique knitted mice
Purls of Wisdom

Waltzer on TV

Update ...September 2017...Just a note to say this beautiful Waltzer isnt finished yet...NOT because I'm slow but because David Littleboy Restorations have had lots of other projects so I havent had any of the Waltzer to paint for almost two years. Fingers crossed I will be back painting it next year.

 The wonderful Lakins Waltzer that Bill Treen and myself are working on has just been on telly. Bill organised it....I tend to shy away from that sort of thing but it was fine. The workshop was freezing...(If you look closely at the film you might just catch sight of my little occasional heater ) .Bill was great ,so calm collected and knowledgeable. Somehow I gained a very posh BBC old fashioned accent! ..After 'The Worlds Fair newspaper commenting on 'my love of classical music '...well myself and friends ' had a jolly good chuckle " !
For my next interview I will be talking about  the Sea Lines (lions) at London Zoo .

Monday, 22 April 2013

Jet...our new Dog

This week is my son's 13th Birthday !....How time flies when you are having fun...He had been wanting a dog for his Birthday, well really ever since our lovely old dog Megan passed away a few years ago.
So after many weeks, and just in time He/We are now the owners of a new Dog....Jet....a lovely Aberdeen/ cross/ Cairn Terrier. We had been keeping an eye out for a Scottie or Schnauzer for ages but hadn't found one until I called into the Blue Cross at Burford....and there he was...

They said he was lovely but not house trained and had already lived with two families....and he was only two.

My son was so pleased , he had been wanting a Scottie so Jet was perfect....a real character.
We have only had him a month but he does a few tricks, is obedient and house trained...his only vice is escaping but we are working on that...time and patience!

I started to read up about his breed and although he is mixed he is known as a Bushland Terrier.
The Cairn is one of Scotland's oldest terriers and was bred to get into 'cairns' after rats and mice, etc. Terry the dog who played Toto in the Wizard of Oz was a Cairn. they were originally called short haired Skye terriers but their name was changed to Cairn when they were first shown in 1909.

He appears to be left pawed which is common for Cairns and after research is thought to relate to being good at picking up scent...he certainly sniffs the air and wants to rush to certain trees to lift his...left leg....funnily enough just like those cast iron door stops that you can buy!
Apparently it can take years before they establish their final coat colour. We have only had Jet for a short time and already is coat colour has changed...he'd be a good dog for a hair dresser! Touch wood we are lucky, he doesn't chase cats only flies, doesn't bark..much, is really friendly with other dogs and is very very  cuddly a bit like a small bear....and obedient in our home and while on a lead.
We already can't imagine our home without him.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Festival of Colours !
I don't know if you are the same as me...I've seen quite a few adverts on Television with people throwing coloured powder over each other....Looks fun but I have to admit I didn't know what it was about.
Thank goodness for the Internet......Its the Holi Festival, an ancient Indian festival celebrating Spring and the last full moon day of the month Phalguna in the lunar calendar (which usually falls between February and March). I wish we celebrated it in Winchcombe....all this cold weather..we could all do with cheering up!...

Holi Festival India 4 The Colorful Festival of Holi, India
There are different legends associated with the festival but it generally celebrates the start of Spring and the colours of new growth.
One first is about the love between Radha and Lord Krishna who was reincarnated from Vishnu. The Hindus smear powdered paint onto their faces because it is said that Lord Krishna was jealous of Radha's darker complexion, so his mother told him to paint colours on his face to change his appearance.
The second is....

The Legend of Prahalad and Holika

This is the main Holi legend. Holika was a female demon, and the sister of Hiranyakashyap, the demon king. Hiranyakashyap considered himself ruler of the Universe, and higher than all the gods.
Prahalad was the king's son. His father hated him because Prahalad was a faithful devotee of the god Vishnu.
One day the king asked him "Who is the greatest, God or I?"
"God is," said the son, "you are only a king."
The king was furious and decided to murder his son.
But the king's attempts at murder didn't work too well. Prahalad survived being thrown over a cliff, being trampled by elephants, bitten by snakes, and attacked by soldiers.
So the king asked his sister, Holika, to kill the boy.
Holika seized Prahalad and sat in the middle of a fire with the boy on her lap.
Holika had been given a magic power by the gods that made her immune to fire, so she thought this was a pretty good plan, and Prahalad would burn to death while she remained cool.
But it's never wise to take gods' gifts for granted! Because Holika was using her gift to do something evil, her power vanished and she was burned to ashes. Prahalad stayed true to his God, Vishnu, and sat praying in the lap of his demon aunt. Vishnu protected him, and Prahalad survived.
Shortly afterwards, Vishnu killed King Hiranyakashyap and Prahad ruled as a wise king in his father's place.
The moral of the story is that good always wins over evil, and those who seek to torment the faithful will be destroyed.
To celebrate the story, large bonfires are burned during Holi. In many parts of India, a dummy of Holika is burned on the fireTaken from
Worth clicking on to get more information
Winchcombe is now celebrating 'Wool in Winchcombe'...That's pretty bright too!


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