Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Lost painting

I'm restoring a 1930's fairground waltzer at the moment for a lovely chap called David Littleboy. Today he sent me an interesting email about a lost painting by Sir Edward John Poynter that had been sold this year. The surprise was that it was the same as the Waltzer front!
The painting called The Ionian Dance, was bought by Robert English and was in his private collection until 1915 when it was sold. It has always been in private hands until it was auctioned by Bonhams on the 10th July 2013 ,selling for £301,250.

The chances are that Edwin Hall only saw the etching, but it shows his love of art and paintings to have been influenced by it. His lady isn't quite so revealing,and there are some extras but it's fascinating to see. To think that no one had seen the original colours since 1914 but there it was bold as brass in a field in a fairground. I also only had scraps of colour and a black and white photo to work from. I might have to alter the ladies face on the far right now!

 Ionian Dance Detail



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