Wednesday, 9 October 2013

And all because the lady loves....

I've just watched a great programme called Life is Sweets...Nigel Slater....not only was it fascinating but it was very funny too, especially when he said about his Dad buying his step mother a Flake...and liked watching her eat it....oooh er!....and that his Father bought his Mother Milk Tray but his stepmother only had Dairy Milk.

It brought back memories of my Granny giving us a Frys chocolate Creme bar on a Saturday night in her caravan....and eating a Babycham chocolate when I was too young to drink alcohol.....and yes ,I wanted to be the flake girl disappearing off up the lane on a gypsy wagon.

The sweet adverts used to be brilliant....everyone of a certain age can remember the Cadbury Fruit and nut song and the Milky Bar kid. I was interested to find that Gary Myers. the dark haired 'Bond' like character did all of his own stunts and appeared in the adds for 20 years....I was too young to fancy him!
Unfortunately Milk Tray isn't what it was but there's still lots of lovely chocolate on the shelves...thank goodness it's past 11pm or I'd be very tempted to pop up to the Coop and buy a plain chocolate Bounty, or a mint Aero...or a finger of fudge...or perhaps a Freddo Frog.....

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