Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New Look

Hello, After having a lovely couple of weeks away I decided to revamp my website and blog post...both not quite as easy as I first thought. My blog is almost fine but it doesn't appear to have taken my friends with me....so please make friends again !
My website although redesigned doesn't want to appear at all...so it's either taking a few days to think about it , or I must have to delete previous design to allow the new one!...I might just have to add a Map page onto the old one in the meantime....ho hum....anyway I must now go and load the car up with paint....back to work...always difficult when the sun is shinig and I'm still in holiday mode !
Ps a big thanks to Ann Hyde who helped me with how to alter the look of my blog. http://studiohyde.blogspot.co.uk/


  1. This looks great Katie, love the revamp and that you used your own design for the background.
    (I think your websites are there as I opened the links okay!)
    I'm going to mention you on my blog this week and hope it will bring lots of new visitors to follow what you do :)

  2. A spot of reading for you Katie....



  3. Thank you Ann, I'm so glad I saw you this summer,lovely to catch up. Do you remember helping me years ago painting a wagon ? Boy I wish you were around here now...I've a right blooming rush on!



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