Monday, 5 August 2013

New Book

Hello, It's been a while but I've been restoring an old fairground Waltzer.
..well still restoring....and woodgraining an old diesel cab.
The start of you can see Thomas was in the engine shed with me !
The waggon that I am restoring has been rubbed down, filled and undercoated and is now having it's top coats done. Unfortunately my little camera went missing last weekend so no photos until I buy a new one....but I can tell you about a new book.
Its called 'Gypsy wagon painters' and is by John Mc Kale.
As well as history and old painters it has chapters about painters now, including myself. I had sent John a few photos but wasn't sure if any would be used at all. It is a limited edition and costs £40 /from Waterstones. and has lots of inspiring photographs of different styles of waggon painting and over twenty waggon painters.

The lovely Peter Ingram is noticeable by his absence but I mentioned him in my chapter. He doesn't paint waggons anymore but his painting has a great flow about it...not fussy but beautiful flowing scrolls and ribbon work.
John Pockett has a good chapter with lots of photographs, he does beautiful waggon ceilings. Although all the waggon work has a basic tradition it is usually easy to recognise who painted what and new ideas get used and swapped. Well I haven't managed to read the book myself yet, just looked at photos, but when I get the chance I'll add more information about this lovely new book.

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