Monday, 5 August 2013

Midsummer Madness

Hello, I'm back blogging the bug on my computer has been cleared!

Earlier in the year Jane and myself were chatting about 'interiors' and the trend for pale washed out shabby chic...often very pleasant but we love colour! Sometimes it seems that people are afraid of using colour in their homes, children's bedrooms sing out with mad walls and bedding but it soon disappears into 'magnolia'. Bathrooms may have a little bit of seaside inspiration holding memories of happy holidays in beautiful aqua glass jars, a kitchen might have a touch of yellow and green vintage kitchen utensils and garden sheds might flutter with some Cath Kidson bunting ....but that's where it ends.

Both Jane and myself love colour....and lots of it. Jane mounted an Exhibition called 'Midsummer Madness' at her Winds of Change Gallery in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire.. The Exhibition finishes on the 13th August but Jane and myself will continue selling and offering Interior Design advice via future Exhibitions and on the Internet. We do have pale shabby chic pieces but everything has an added touch, such as some painted lines and hand painted decorations.

Jane has a natural instinct for Interiors, being able to use colour in the home but still keep it looking beautiful. I on the other hand, create my own colourful lampshades and furniture but can go overboard on colour, mixing lots of colours and patterns together! So we make a happy team.
Jane has searched out some of our best colourful artists and craftspeople. I can't mention them all in this blog but I will sing the praises of my personal favourite...Mary Rose Young'  Her pottery ,like herself, is a rainbow of smiles and vitality. Even if you only own one of her mugs it will instantly make you smile every time you sit down with a cuppa. The colours give you summer abundance all year round. Featured in Jane's Gallery is a fantastic chandelier...a true one off that will never go out of fashion....The centre is a large teapot with large baubled arms holding teacups....fully wired up it lights up a room both 'on' and 'off ;

The private view was a lovely 'do', everyone wearing bright colours,drinks decorated with fruit and umbrellas and the most colourful and tasty cakes that you have ever seen. Hayley brought over buckets of her Hotch Potch Organic flowers, which was the' icing on the cake'.

Although the Exhibition finishes soon Jane and myself can be contacted at any time if you would like us to brighten up your home, office ,garden summer house, Shepherds hut or party!

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  1. Sounds like our house, we've gone mad with yellow! That's apart from the hallway, which according to Pete, looks like a tube of toothpaste - it's green...(we do intend to change it, yes, to yellow!). So just in case anyone you know is looking to paint something yellow, they better get on with because we are likely to have bought out the DIY shop of their supplies!!! heehee.



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