Saturday, 29 June 2013


I've recently had a spell of designing posters and maps...all good fun . The first has already been and gone but was advertising The Winchcombe Day of Dance, hosted by our very own local mixed morris team Happenstance.

 The latest are two events happening soon. The first is for Caroline Philips who is kindly opening her garden to the public all in aid of the Winchcombe Day Care Centre....a very good cause....we all might need it one day. Sat. 13th July at Abbey Old House, Winchcombe. 1-4.30 pm.

The second is for St. Kenelm Miracle Play....yes it's come around again. A really enjoyable day out at no cost to yourselves, just bring a picnic and comfortable shoes. Sunday 21st July, at St Kenelms Well, Winchcombe 3.00pm.
For some bizarre reason it won't let me remove this faded picture!.I'm always learning.

Fingers crossed the weather will be great....Hope to see you in Winchcombe soon !


  1. These posters are brilliant! as I would expect coming from you :)

  2. Thank you Anne, It's good being able to try something on the computer for a change....mind you I still end up drawing it on paper then scanning, then adding, printing scanning again...daft way to do it but it works for me. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine now that it has arrived!

  3. Hi Katie, that all sounds complicated to me, but then I'm not very techy minded. Talking of which, I have lost my original blog...grrr. Set up a new one, where all is explained:



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