Sunday, 28 April 2013

Waltzer on TV

Update ...September 2017...Just a note to say this beautiful Waltzer isnt finished yet...NOT because I'm slow but because David Littleboy Restorations have had lots of other projects so I havent had any of the Waltzer to paint for almost two years. Fingers crossed I will be back painting it next year.

 The wonderful Lakins Waltzer that Bill Treen and myself are working on has just been on telly. Bill organised it....I tend to shy away from that sort of thing but it was fine. The workshop was freezing...(If you look closely at the film you might just catch sight of my little occasional heater ) .Bill was great ,so calm collected and knowledgeable. Somehow I gained a very posh BBC old fashioned accent! ..After 'The Worlds Fair newspaper commenting on 'my love of classical music '...well myself and friends ' had a jolly good chuckle " !
For my next interview I will be talking about  the Sea Lines (lions) at London Zoo .

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