Monday, 22 April 2013

Jet...our new Dog

This week is my son's 13th Birthday !....How time flies when you are having fun...He had been wanting a dog for his Birthday, well really ever since our lovely old dog Megan passed away a few years ago.
So after many weeks, and just in time He/We are now the owners of a new Dog....Jet....a lovely Aberdeen/ cross/ Cairn Terrier. We had been keeping an eye out for a Scottie or Schnauzer for ages but hadn't found one until I called into the Blue Cross at Burford....and there he was...

They said he was lovely but not house trained and had already lived with two families....and he was only two.

My son was so pleased , he had been wanting a Scottie so Jet was perfect....a real character.
We have only had him a month but he does a few tricks, is obedient and house trained...his only vice is escaping but we are working on that...time and patience!

I started to read up about his breed and although he is mixed he is known as a Bushland Terrier.
The Cairn is one of Scotland's oldest terriers and was bred to get into 'cairns' after rats and mice, etc. Terry the dog who played Toto in the Wizard of Oz was a Cairn. they were originally called short haired Skye terriers but their name was changed to Cairn when they were first shown in 1909.

He appears to be left pawed which is common for Cairns and after research is thought to relate to being good at picking up scent...he certainly sniffs the air and wants to rush to certain trees to lift his...left leg....funnily enough just like those cast iron door stops that you can buy!
Apparently it can take years before they establish their final coat colour. We have only had Jet for a short time and already is coat colour has changed...he'd be a good dog for a hair dresser! Touch wood we are lucky, he doesn't chase cats only flies, doesn't bark..much, is really friendly with other dogs and is very very  cuddly a bit like a small bear....and obedient in our home and while on a lead.
We already can't imagine our home without him.

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  1. Aww, Jet is so sweet and SO glad you now have a dog in your lives. Happy Birthday wishes are sent (forget the actual date, but heyho you know me and my brain!). Looking forward to reading your adventures with Jet :) ~ann & graham~



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