Saturday, 12 January 2013

New Year New Blog

...Happy New Year....and well I've been trying to update the look of my page but I've Gremlins ! Its getting slow to won't let me add pictures from my computer....I can't work out how to answer comments on the same page.....oh dear my lack of computer knowledge is finally catching up with me !
After looking at the 'help with uploading images' I know realise that I don't have a clue where the 'pop up blocker' is....and as to plugins, cache and cookies....absolutely no idea!
Well its Saturday morning, in bed with a cup of tea and I should try and learn about it...but hey I'd rather go and check out Pinterest !
Fingers crossed I'll work it all out by February.....note I didn't say which year !
One trick I do know is defragment and clean disc...good for a spring computer clean. Press on left all programmes, look up accessories, click system tools, then click defragment or disc clean up....then let it work while you have another cuppa ! ..that's what I'm going to do.
If I find anything out I'll add it on to this post.
1. Web history....apparently your whole web history is kept, mine went back to 2011 so I've deleted it all, It does say that it helps with searching but it's gone now...not sure if it makes anything quicker but I went to go to settings then delete all...that's if you want to ..decluttering with a couple of button presses..if only everything in life was so simple !
2. Click on bottom left look up Control on uninstall programmes...its amazing how many are idle and not will especially find this if you have children in the house.
3. Uninstall daft toolbars....I had one called webfetti, I thought I had uninstalled it but no...found it still through my control panel....annoyingly when you try to uninstall it it gives you a blooming survey to do. Daftly I fill it in thinking I had to to complete uninstalling, only find it offering a free page to create your own surveys !
Another day and its still not letting me upload pictures from my computer....any ideas ? This is a new thing and I've not had any problems before....Thank you.

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