Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Temperance Bars

On our journey back from Scotland we called into the CrossKeys Inn, near Sedbergh in Cumbria. It’s a lovely 17th century farmhouse nestled in the Howgill Fells. I past it many times before when I was travelling with a horse and wagon to and from Appelby Horse Fair, but didn't manage to stop. .. ( That's another story ! ).  From the Inn you can walk to Cautley Spout, a beautiful waterfall, dropping in sections of sometimes 90 feet but with an overall height or drop of about 700 feet. I didn't have time that day to walk but I did have time....funnily enough....for a drink and a piece of cake.
The Cross Keys Inn is now a Temperance Inn owned by the National Trust. It apparently became a Temperance Inn after a landlord years ago was tragically drowned after trying to help a customer home. It was sold to a Mrs Edith Buney in 1902 and then she willed it to the National Trust in memory of her sister Miss Mary Blanche Hewetson.
I’d often liked the idea of opening a temperance bar in Winchcombe, especially if it could look like the one in Rawtenstall….the drinks that you can get are wonderful and non alcoholic, so great for drivers. The most well known drinks are Sarsaparilla, Dandelion and Burdock …and Blood tonic Cordial. The bar in Rawtenstall is an original bar that was opened in 1890. The shelves are full of bottles with interesting labels, bits of ephemera and packets of sweets. The Fitzpatrick family that originally owned it were renowned herbalists and made all of their own drinks. Some are full of herbs and so are good for your health too. I had a drink of sarsaparilla which was thick and dark..a bit like myself! And tastes a bit like Pepsi but much nicer.
View near Sedbergh
Alan and Christine Clowes now run the inn and are renowned amongst travellers for their great home cooking…especially their ham and eggs!
The following poem is carved on a lintel in The Cross Keys
‘Great things are done
When men and mountains meet.
These are not done by jostling in the street’

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