Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day One :York Railway Museum

The school summer holidays are almost over , hence my lack of new blogs! We have just come back from a two week journey up to Scotland in my car, travelling up the East Coast to see my Sister in Edinburgh and back home via the west. We had a lovely time and so I thought I'd try and write a blog about each day. Some days might be just a few pictures but I hope you will enjoy them.
Last year on our way up to Edinburgh we stopped in York. The weather was terrible, we were soaked through and after visiting the Jorvik Centre we found that everyone including York Minster wanted money out of you. It was on our way home that we found that the Railway Museum in York is undercover and free ! so this year we called by.

 Of course this time we had sunshine so it seemed daft to be inside but it was great. There was so much to see ,as well as the trains ....signs,carvings and a poster Exhibition. One of the posters was by Laurence Fish, our lovely Jean Brays husband. I told them about Jeans new book so I hope they order it. ( If you read this Jean, I'm sorry to say that I still have my postcard to you in my bag, stamped and ready to go,...I don't know how I managed to miss it )
Laurence Fish

The Museum houses the most railway artifacts in the world, from a lock of Robert Stevenson's hair through to a Bullet train. We were looking for hours but didn't see half of the collection. They have a library and can help with any questions. I was particularly interested in seeing the lettering and woodgraining on the trains....I'll soon be doing a bit on a steam train at Toddington.....a job I'm looking forward to starting.

After a good look round we caught one of York's bendy buses into town. York looked beautiful in the sunshine, much better than last year! Then it was back to the park and ride and a drive up to Newcastle upon Tyne.
York Minster
We parked up near Washington for the night, a place that we will try have to look at next year...yes the name taken to America. Washington Old Hall was the ancestral home of George Washington.

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