Friday, 31 August 2012

Day 3 : Lindisfarne

We were lucky with the weather managing to pack up our tent while it was dry, always a bonus .....then it was back on the road to the Holy Island. Before you cross the causeway there is a little sign telling you of the tides, worth a look to make sure you can stop for a while....or if you want to be cut off by the tides and stay longer !
A happy stone in Lindisfarne !

The weather was gorgeous so we paid for four hours rather than two..although if you park in one of the laybys before car park it's free. In the car park was a National Trust bus with a good offer on joining, so we joined and set off into Lindisfarne, a really lovely little village, picking up a pot of strawberries from a little stall in one of the gardens..Definitely one of those places that makes you wish you lived there. There was a Viking Day at the Lindisfarne Priory, so thinking it was also NT we walked over...only to be faced with a Lady doing a hard sell for English Heritage...she wouldn't leave us alone, what ear bashing. I picked up a map and said we would just walk over to the green to look at the EH destinations...but she followed us and started talking again. Petty I know , but If it hadn't been her I would have joined ! Luckily for us we realised that there was some high ground overlooking the battle so along with lots of other people we looked down on the seats in the house!

As we walked up the path we had our first glimpse of Scotland....even though perhaps it should have been a Northumbrian Piper....

I had thought that it was still a monastic retreat, not realising that Lindisfarne had been a domestic house since Edward Lutyens redesigned it in 1903.. Dotted about were brilliant sheds made of upturned boats....some looking like whales....

View looking towards Lindisfarne Priory.

In 1901 Edward Hudson the founder of The Country Life Magazine visited and fell in love with the Castle, buying the lease.The author Lytton Strachey had stayed there and was worried about falling down the stone steps while hurrying for dinner, a city boy at heart and one of the few that didn't fall in love with Lindisfarne.
The Dining Room in Lindisfarne Castle

 Across the field is a surprise splash of colour, a walled garden designed by Gertrude Jeckyll.

All in all ,our day on Lindisfarne was wonderfull,..... beautiful views.....good and stop Edinburgh.


  1. Now I see why you didn't make it camping our way...your trip up to Edinburgh looks so much more exciting - enjoying these posts and the lovely places you have been to, you always fill your posts with lots of info - great.

  2. Howdy! I can notice the fact that you deeply get the sense of what you are speaking about. Do you own a degree or an education that is somehow linked with the topic of the article? Many thanks in advance for your answer.

  3. Hi Clark, THanks for message. I have a degree in art but not history etc but I love it. When I enjoy writing about places I've visited and about anything I find out. All the best, Katie



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