Thursday, 5 July 2012

Railway Posters

Next week ,9th July 2012, Jane at the Winds of Change Gallery is hosting a new Exhibition of the work of Laurence Fish.  He used to live here in Winchcombe, and his wife Jean Bray has selected pieces of his work to go on display. One thing I am going to buy is her new book, Pick up a Pencil, full of stories about his life and photos of his paintings. ( I think Jean 's next book should be her own memoirs,) Personally I love Laurences commercial work including railway posters.
Laurence Fish
The LNWR was the first to commission an artist, Norman Wilkinson to do a series of landscapes in 1905.
Norman Wilkinson
Before the First World War rail was the only way to travel and the increase in lines brought the boom in seaside resorts. Posters started to show the wonderful, exotic sunny places to visit in Britain. In 1871 Skegness had a population of 500, by 1907 it as having 300,000 visitors a year !
Fred Taylor
The 20's and 30's are thought of as the Golden Age of Railway poster design and  commercial art was beginning to be taken seriously. Fred Taylor, Tom Purvis, Cassandre and Kauffer were all recognised signatures.
Tom Purvis
Norman Wilkinson asked 18 Royal Academy artists to design posters for the LMS, all but one said yes, and he was already working for another railway company. A lot of the artists are hardly known today but at the time they were among the best known artists of their day.
Laurence Fish

After the war posters again showed the sunnier side of life encouraging us all to be optimistic and start travelling. Posters are now highly collectable and reach high prices in auctions....I'm not surprised they are fantastic....but I can't help wishing that the original artists saw more of the money !
Why not come along to the Exhibition, while you are here why not have a train ride at Winchcombe GWR Railway station, and visit The Railway Museum in Winchcombe .

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