Thursday, 7 June 2012

Designing some posters

I've been designing posters and logos for Happenstance, our local Morris team. Below you can see the cockerel taking shape. I thought I'd use our lovely church Cockerel and give him a ragged jacket, then Cressida asked if he could be stood on a stick...actually a chair leg...they use them when dancing.

 This was the rough for Winchcombe's First Day of Dance. Its on the 16th June....starting in the town at 9.30 am, then at the GWR followed by the Midsummer Festival at Hayles Fruit Farm....It's got to be sunny by then hasn't it !
You might recognise the shape of the Morris dancer....I wanted to do a bright poster and I thought of the 'It's bracing at Skegness..... It's the man from the other direction.

 In colour waiting for the type to be added..

 The next poster was for St Kenelm. This is a Miracle play performed in and around Winchcombe on the 22nd of July 2012.......

 Last years poster...
....and the previous year.

 It's good having the opportunity to do some graphics.....makes a change....and as they say...a change is as good as a rest !


  1. Thankyou Ann. I can't believe we are getting through JUne at a rate of knots..must be my year for going round in circles chasing my tail !



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