Thursday, 14 June 2012

Another lovely journey back to my workshop

Today I was working at the Stanton Guildhouse....a lovely house built in the arts and crafts style with stunning views....I'm ready to move in.....and its nearest neighbour is The Mount Inn, can't be bad.
They run lots of different craft courses there and are always interested in new teachers and new students ! It is one of those secret gems...lots of people don't seem to know of it.


I'm painting some panels for a small fairground organ, built by John Scale....he built it on one of the wood working courses there. I didn't get very much done because they had an open day so I did spend quite a bit of time you do.

Workshop bound....the Mount Inn....

The journey to my workshop is quite short and goes through some beautiful I thought I'd share my journey with you.

Stanton... used in quite a few Tv Dramas..such as Sherlock Holmes...

The road to Stanway...

The cricket pavilion funded by J.M.Barrie author of Peter Pan.

The gatehouse to Stanway House....   Where many films have been made such as...Emma, Vanity Fair, The Wyvern Mysteries and the Buccaneers...Even Johnny Depp was there.... and I was just around the corner and didn't see him !

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