Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sudeley Castle : Winter into Spring

I've been having more fun piecing photos and sounds together for another video
 The sound taped well until right near the end when a gust of wind caught the's all a learning curve. Daft really when I should be getting on with working.
Unfortunately for me a couple of months ago I fell flat on my face in our high street, tripping over a pot hole. After visiting the Doctor I've found that I should have been using lots of Ibuprofen because I have blooming 'house maids knee ', which appears to be getting worse before it gets better.....So these past weeks I've been trying very hard not to kneel but its not easy when you have to paint furniture etc. In the past I made a habit of painting and drawing sat on the I have to work at a table like a sensible person !..anyway I've not written this for you to-
 a) feel sorry for me
b) think..That would have been a laugh seeing me fall over....( I have to admit I am one of those people that does find it funny when friends fall over )
c) what an old moaner...
......No, what this has done is made me spend a bit more time sat at a table with my laptop making little videos..
..I've one more in the pipeline then I'll get on with earning some money ! If you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed making them....etc etc


  1. Sorry to hear you fell and really hurt your knee...I know the feeling trying to get over these things...hope you are getting better, will be better very soon. I'm enjoying your videos and I love the sound on this one, even the gust of wind catching the microphone with the foot steps finishing it off...brilliant!

  2. Thank you Ann, I'm hoping that this is how I reply to your comment ! Just when you get used to the layout someone goes and changes it all. I'm enjoying doing videos..must do some with filming and voice over...well one day. Have a great weekend, ktx

  3. Wonderful old castle,thanks for showing it! And take care of yourself!

  4. I'm glad you liked the video.It was fun to make.. I was working there so I was able to see the Castle in the winter, ...all by myself...well apart from the lovely gardners.



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