Saturday, 12 May 2012

Stow Gypsy Horse Fair

Thursday's Stow Horse Fair was a total mud bath but I'm still glad I popped along....
At Brill-on-the-Hill
The wind blows shrill,
The cook no meat and dress;
At Stow -on -the -Wold
 The wind blows cold-
I know no more than this .

If you don't go you always think you might miss things, such as friends, new wagons, stories..etc
I've been going for a longtime and I'm now one of those people saying it's not what it used to be. I remember it when the fair was the other side of town with wagons and stalls along the road, an auction and market in the field, a small fair in the town, the baptist jumble sale and the 'hippy' travellers with their showman's wagons and horse drawn wagons where the fair is a way the 'hippy' travellers kept more of the horse drawn way of life going. Recently I bought a negative viewer where you can scan them onto your computer, I wish I'd bought a better quality one but in amongst all my negs were a good amount of Stow back in the late 1970's. I'll put them on the web when I have a chance but will have to put blooming watermarks on them. I expect you have all had the same problem as me, people using your pictures saying that they are at the moment any of the gypsy or fairground photos will have to have a watermark, sorry about that. I think all of us are happy for images to be used as long as we have a little link or credit
....right I'm now stepping down from my soap box...on with the day. 

There weren't as many wagons and it wasn't as busy but with the mud it 's not surprising. I still managed to bump into some old faces and catch up, Friends from way down south and up north. 

This year I found myself thinking of friends passed away such as Frank, Nobby and Hezy...all regular wonderful people that were always at he Fair...It's not the same without them.

It's good to see little ones dressed up and ready to carry on the history and culture.
Stow Fair first started in 1107 as a weekly market, then with its charter in 1476 it became a bigger hiring and sheep fair happening twice a year n May and October.

I've produced another little music I'm afraid, daftly I forgot to take my tape recorder...and I'll upload to utube once I've remembered my password !

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