Friday, 25 May 2012

Red, White and Blue

It's that dreaded time of year MOT time ,Why does it come round so quickly ! I do have one thing right though it's a lovely garage near Broadway, Worcestershire and a short walk away from a lovely footpath along the old railway track-which is being restored. While waiting for the result I went across the road and up the pathway, and found the most fantastic display of Red it gave me the idea of writing a patriotic red,white and blue blog.

Silene dioica the Red Campion is named after Silensis, he was a drunken but merry God of the Woodlands in Greek Mythology. Other names for it are Billy Buttons, Gypsy Flower, Bob Robin, Dolly Winter, Robin in the hedge, scalded apples and Soldiers buttons....amongst a few . You can make soap for washing clothes by boiling the root in water.

Another interesting fact that I didn't know is that it is in decline ,so It's lovely that there are so many .The 'long-tongued Bumble Bee' loves it....yes there really is one but it is also in decline, unfortunately for me I didn't see one but it's sunnier this morning and so I'll pop back there again just in case. I'm not wasting petrol my car has to go to get worked on for it's MOT !

Wild Garlic..Gypsy's onions, stinking jenny, Bears Leek, Buckrams and Ramsons. Native Americans used it to treat Asthma and help other respiratory problems. in the middle ages it was used to treat Cholera and the plague. Its now very popular for being used in cooking. Oliver Rackham suggests adding the leaves to peanut butter sandwiches.....I've peanut butter at home so I'll pick a few leaves's illegal to pull up whole wild flower plants, but a few leaves should be fine. i think I'll try rapid drying of them in the microwave to see if they still taste OK.

Speedwell, also known as Gypsy weed, Persian speedwell and birds eye, you must have noticed that most wild plants have a gypsy name.. It can be used to aid digestion and help bowel movements. It also has a calming effect and may help with depression. St Veronica is said to have wiped Jesus's face with speedwell flowers on his way to Calvary so some of the healing powers went to the plant. I like the saying that its about walking well because you can see two little legs and feet popping out from the centre of the flower, Travellers in Ireland had the flower sewn into their clothes to protect them from danger, and a drink of boiled speedwell was given to cows with calves to protect them from evil and fairies. You can buy essence of speedwell from Saskias remedies

A lovely natural  red, white and blue border near Broadway, Worcestershire. I noticed that the elder flowers are almost in bloom....hooray almost time for 'lashings' of elderflower cordial !

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  1. Many of the native orchids are the same way. You can pass by a location and not see a single plant as their developing buds blend in with the greenery. evergreen shrubs



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