Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Yarn storming in Winchcombe

Today as I walked into Winchcombe I came across some Yarn Storming.....or wool bombing....
.......some of the knitting was labelled with ' Wool Bandits '!....
I've heard of this happening in America and Chipping Norton ........
.and now we have some here....
...they must have heard of the ''Wool in Winchcombe''  and because it is a community event....
the Wool Bandits did their ''stuff''
.....good fun isn't it.

The crochet hanging basket was my bit of work and is hanging outside The Winds of Change Gallery......unfortunately it's not real wool..but it's bright and jolly.


  1. As with you, I've heard of this being done in America...quite glad it's now here, but surprised it found Winchcombe - Oh well, why not indeed. We've yet to have this in Woolacombe. Some would say it's a kind of 'defacing' but on the other hand it is harmless fun and jolly's the place up. With all that goes on in the world these days, I say 'bring it on'. Your contribution is so colourful and very clever - good for you Katie.

  2. Brilliant! You must hook up with Dillytante....there's a link on my blog. Cotswold crocheteuses....

  3. We had some Yarn Bombing down here in Troon, Cornwall a year or so ago. The cycle rails and bollards outside the Co-Op were tastefully 'dressed' in multicolour wool leggings. :-) great fun! An anonymous group calling themselves the 'Graffiti Grannies'!

  4. Thankyou for your comments and links...It was Ann at who told me how to reply...I must read email again because I'm still not sure that I'm getting it right !



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