Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Garden plants and their Romany meanings.

Tulip: Love

Honesty : Sincerity, fascination
Scatter flowers around a childs bed to protect them from nightmares.
Keep an autumn seedpod in your pocket to attract money.

cowslip : Pensiveness, winning grace

If a bumblebee enters your house it means a stranger will visit.

Apple Blossom : Temptation
Appleblossom when brought into the house or caravan will bring ill health to the family.

Bluebell : I am true,Constancy
Healing powers and bring calmness

Ivy : I will cling to you
'On Hallowe'en,October 31, Romany girls divine using ivy leaves. Each girl picks an ivy leaf, scores it with an individual mark, and passes it through a gold earing. The following morning, if black spots have appeared on the ivy it isa sign of romance with a dark-haired man, If black spots virtually cover the leaf, the girl will marry a dark-haired man within the year. If no spots emerge, no special lover will arrive within the next 12 months.' G.Kemp

Strawberry Blossom : Perfection
Children would make a wish when they ate their first strawberry of the season.

Daffodil : Good manners
Travellers would put bunches of unopened Daffodils into a bath of warm water to open them out and make them more attractive to customers when they went out calling .(Hawking/selling)

Violet : Faithfulness
Romanies often sold bunches of sweet violets in march. Make a love sachet with violets and lavender.


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  3. Thank you for your lovely comments, I enjoy writing about allsorts.

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