Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stones to Tewkesbury

Today I had a walk in Tewkesbury....or as my Dad calls it 'Chuckleberry'. I'd remembered reading that the stone for Tewkesbury  Abbey was carried on The River Severn and was then put onto rafts to sail up the brook to the site of the Abbey. It's a bit like the saying 'coals to Newcastle' but the stones were brought from Caen in Normandy. Perhaps it was a sign to everyone at the time that 'Normans were armies etc etc..showing their dominance and strength. Robert Fitzhamon who founded the Abbey is also known as The Norman Conqueror of Glamorgan.

The Abbey was consecrated on October 23rd 1123.

 So this is a little photographic journey following the last part of the stones journey.

On the opposite side of The Lower Lode Pub, looking across the River Severn. ( There is a ferry across to this pub.) Maybe this is where the stone was taken off boats and put onto rafts.

Southwick brook looking towards the Abbey.

From Swilgate Bridge, originally called Welaker Bridge.

As you can see we are now very close to the Abbey.
One of England's best Norman towers.
I can't look at the Rivers without commenting on the floods.
I do like the blue wavy line along the word can tell it's a creative town !
From the Telegraph Newspaper
 Tewkesbury have had many floods,the most severe being recorded in 1484, 1587, 1611, 1678, 1721, 1770, 1814, 1960 and the most recent 2007. You'd think by now that the councillor's and planners would have noticed that you can't keep building on the flood plains....even if they don't know the history of the town the clue is in the name of the plains !

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  1. Normans were the best builders and architects during that time because they have built countless of fortresses and castles. Grading their masonry it was on the high level.



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