Saturday, 10 March 2012

My name in print. I won't mention the odd photo !

A bit of an experiment, I'm in this weeks World's Fair newspaper and thought I'd try to add it to my blog, but I've a feeling that the words might be too tiny. My next experiment will be to publish it and then try to copy it off my blog and paste it back to my desktop and see if that works !
Always a learning curve. ( I've just found that if you left tap on the pictures then left tap again it enlarges the print...hopefully it will work for your goodselves.)

The article says some very nice things about me ' The final member of the team was the very talented artist Kate Morgan who had previously worked on decorations at one of gloucestershires popular tourist attractions, Sudeley Castle. Kate had the daunting task of matching up the missing work which when seen, is just simply amazing. ( I'm blushing now )
On the day of the pulling down of the bottom of the ride, Kate could be found a couple of miles away performing her artistic touch to her love of classical music.
 To be honest it's the least distracting music and Classic Fm do play some good tunes!  I do like radio four but I always find that I will be in the middle of one of their afternoon plays and someone will call by ! I could listen to catch up on the computer but it 'll not happen...I know me.  I was working in a furniture factory unit last year when he two chaps were arguing about Radio two or Radio Four, because I prefer Radio Four I told the chap that radio four has lots of rude bits in it . At the end of the day he said that he hadn't heard one rude bit. I answered saying that he obviously doesn't have a good imagination ! ...
I can't finish without mentioning David Littleboy,the man behind the great restoration..It's a credit to him ,and I'm positive that Edwin Hall would have been delighted to know that his work was being saved and was much appreciated. And last but not least Bill Treen,also a painter who has worked amazingly hard to clean off the paintwork to reveal the original Edwin Hall artwork.
Ps Personally I am so glad that I had the oppportunity to have been taught fairground marbling by Billy Hall, Edwins brother and the lovely times I had visiting Fred Fowle in London.

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  1. Congratulations on being mentioned Katie, no wonder you are blushing and well deserved it is too.



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