Saturday, 31 December 2011

Old Knockers !

The other day I went fora walk around Chepstow. It was a grey day but it was good to walk down Bridge Street, stand on the bridge over the River Wye and look back to the Castle.
Bridge Street has a really nice feel to it and Castle Terrace looks a great place to live. Its a Georgian terrace of ice cream colours with their rear windows looking at the Castle. There are a few pubs two advertising live music which is always a good sign of a buzzing community.

As I walked back up to town I noticed that nearly every house had a different door knocker...which got me thinking about the history and meanings of the different types. I suppose knockers have been around for as long as there has been doors...but it was in medieval times that various decorations were used, dogs, lions and gargoyles to scare away evil spirits. They later became more decorative following the fashions of the time. Forged iron and cast iron were mainly used but polished brass later became a sign of status and wealth.The lion a sign of courage,strength and bravery is seen on the knocker of No.10 Downing street, London.

Lion head door knocker
The Fir cone- a sign of clear vision of what is beyond and yet to come. It also opens when sunny and closes when wet. The following link is to an old story about a mouse and a fir cone.
Modern Woodpecker...keen ornithologist ?

Victorian Gothic by A.Kendrick & Sons. It has a bat perching on the top of the knocker. Bats area symbol of rebirth and of being very aware of your surroundings.

Dragon- to see clearly and a protector of the home.

Doctor's Knocker- Early Georgian and was designed to identify the Doctor's House.

Victorian Hand 1890's.

Looking through the prices and designs of knockers I found that one old knocker that I gave to a friend 20years ago as a house warming present is now worth £600 ! I wonder if they still have it ?
There are quite a few sites for knockers on the web but this appears to be a good one...

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  1. You are a font of knowledge Katie!...Happy New Year to you and yours from us down here in Devon!



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