Friday, 2 December 2011

Ghosts in Bourton on the Water

Tonight We popped over to the Christmas late night shopping in Bourton on the Water. One of the stalls was run by Bloody Bourton...a couple of chaps that do guided tours of Bourton. I have looked on line but could only find two ghost stories.The first I could find was the following..  In 1997 three men in a car were followed by a motorbike and sidecar..when the bike didn't say if the men stopped to have a look..just in case ! The second which is amusing is a ghost of a brick...yes you read this correctly..a brick ! In one of the Teahouses  people have been known to stubb their toes on it and trip over it....I am slightly wondering about what they put in their coffee. I'm afraid I don't know which shop it is though. The tours cover legends, witches, superstitons and all sorts. One of tthe shops in the town had a Witchcraft museum, the building is known locally as Witches Mill. I know the owners of the building and the shop couldnt be further away than the idea of witchcraft. Locally Charles Paget Wade[ who owned Snowshill Manor ]owned a collection of objects linked with magic and alchemy which he stored lots of the objects to do with witchcraft in the  'Witch's Garret' up the top of the manor house. This collection found its way into the Museum of Witchcraft in Bourton on the Water.Apparently in 1954 there used to be a museum of Witchcraft but locals painted signs, hung dead cats from trees and eventually caused arson. The Museum is now at Boscastle. Unfortunately some of the objects including a great magicians chest were badly damaged in the floods in 2004.
While looking for stories I accidentaly came across the origins of Tom,Dick and Harry..they were three brothers near Burford who were Highwaymen.
I think Winchcombe should have its own tours, we have ghosts, ley lines, murder alleys, strange carved stones ,witches marks, sites of whipping posts and ducking stools ..even a poem about the devil trying to visit !
''Old Nick went out upon a prowl'
An'cumed to Winchcombe, thuck dark 'ole.
But A got stuck fast in Sudeley Lane,
So swore as 'e'd never cum thur agyain !'
Anyone who knows Winchcombe will know exactly which road ! Why not come over on Tuesday 6th December for Winchcombe Christmas Late Night Shopping and see if you can find It.

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