Tuesday, 4 October 2011

It's not a Grandfather Clock ?

Today I popped over to Cirencester with Jane, my good mate who owns and runs 'The Winds of Change Gallery' in Winchcombe. http://www.windsofchangegallery.co.uk/   We had two reasons for going over there, well perhaps three, one to pick up some lovely craft work for Jane's next Exhibition  the second for me to drop a restored dial off to Johnathon Beech, and the third for a bit of a jolly. www.kbmorgan.co.uk/Page9.html

While we were there Jane commented on one of the 'Grandfather Clocks', and Johnathon said that they were really called Long case Clocks . He said that people call them Grandfather clocks after an old song, he's a fountain of knowledge.
In 1876 a song called 'My Grandfathers Clock' was written by Henry Clay Work. The song became so popular that all long case clocks  became known as Grandfather clocks, and the shorter clocks were called Grand mother clocks. The story for the song originated in the George Hotel, Piercebridge , Yorkshire. The Hotel was run by two brothers by the name of Jenkins. They owned a long case clock that kept perfect time until one of the brothers died. It then began to lose time. When the other brother died the clock stopped..never to go again. It is thought that Henry Clay Work visited the Inn and learnt of the story, then wrote the song. For the song and picture of the original clock please click on the following link.  http://georgeontees.co.uk/?page_id=10  Apologies for the song, you might not be able to stop singing it when you hear it !
Long case Clocks in Johnathon Beech's Shop
The original Long case ,floor clock or coffin clock first arrived on the scene around 1670. It had a long pendulum drop which made it more accurate ,thus the case became tall and narrow.
You might also be interested to know that the correct name for a clock face is a clock dial. I've been restoring these dials for many years now,keeping as much of the original as possible. Sometimes I recognise the style of a painter but their names are not recorded. I'm always constantly amazed at how many there are out there ..I keep thinking I'll have one of my restored dials back again but I never have.
Please have a look at Johnathon's website  http://www.jonathanbeechclocks.com/

If you want work done well, select a busy man-the other has no time. Elbert Hubbard.

What does a clock do when it's hungry ?
It goes back 4 seconds!

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