Sunday, 2 October 2011

Blackberry Whiskey and Sloe Gin

This evening we went for a balmy evening walk to pick Blackberries. It felt odd it being so warm, but it was lovely. I'm usually in wellies not sandals....I only got stung a few times by the nettles !
The reason for picking is Blackberry whiskey. A lovely winter drink almost like Port and very easy to make, much easier than wine.

I use a very simple recipe where you don't need to weigh anything. First take a sterilised bottle, plastic milk bottle or screw top jar. Fill a 1/3 with sugar, a 1/3 with blackberries and top up with whiskey.(so it looks like a 1/3 of whiskey showing on top of fruit and sugar ) whiskey will be great. Keep in a cool dark place and shake occasionally. After straining it will be ready to drink in a put into pretty bottles it makes a brilliant Christmas Present. I also have Raspberry Vodka and Plum Vodka on the go.
Sloe Gin is made in the same way but by using sloes. I prefer to pick them after the first frosts but you can pick them now and freeze them first . The sloes need to be pricked with a fork before using them and you can add a few drops of Almond Essence if you like the taste.
Another good recipe is Vanilla Vodka using the same method, a 1/3 of sugar but replace fruit with a whole vanilla pod.
After filling a pot with fruit  ,enough for my first bottle ... we set off back home, it was starting to get dark..
but as we turned round we were treated to two deer bounding across the field in front of us,
Cheers !   Little shop selling postcards of my paintings.

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  1. Sloe gin is made from ripe sloes, which are traditionally selected after the first frost of winter. Each edible kernel is pierced, conventionally with a thorn taken from the blackthorn bush on which they grow.

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