Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Forest slag in my Garden

Today while doing a bit of clearing in my rather wild garden I found this lovely block.....in fact a block of real History ! After a quick call to my Dad I was told that it is a brick cast from the molten material  that was removed as waste from the process of copper smelting, in the Forest of Dean. It's about 9"x9" and about two hundred years old !
In the 1680's there were two copper smelting works one in Bristol the other at Upper Redbrook in the Forest of Dean. A lot of the slag waste was dumped in the River Avon, used on railway tracks and on roads. After causing problems with navigation it was banned from being dumped in the river. Someone had a bright idea to make bricks out of the slag. It can be seen in buildings and walls around the Severn and the Wye and in my garden.

The River Severn at Newnham.

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  1. Hi Katie, your Dad is clever...but hey fancy having that historical brick cast artifact in your garden...heck we have historical weeds!



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