Saturday, 24 September 2011

Our Katie - Queen Katherine Parr

next year, 2012 Sudeley Castle will be hosting a Quincentenary celebration of the life of Queen Katherine Parr, The sixth wife of HenryVIII.
Sudeley Castle and St Marys Chapel
There will be an exhibition of her keepsakes , including a Love letter to Sir Thomas Seymour, a lock of her hair and a tooth !

One of my paintings of The Queens Garden at Sudeley
Queen Katherine Parr in St Mary's Chapel, Sudeley.
There will also be trails and lots of events throughout the year with a Tudor flavour both at the Castle and in the lovely Cotswold town of Winchcombe. Jane at The Winds of Change Gallery will be having a lovely Exhibition, she's planning it already!
Most of the Kings and Queens of England are buried at Westminster Abbey in London so it is unusual for us to have a Queen buried in the Grounds of Sudeley. She can be seen in St Mary's Chapel ( Mary was the name of her daughter.) We also have two Kings, Kenelm and Kenulf, they can be found in St Peters Church, Winchcombe.

One of my Pen and Ink drawings of St Peters Church.

If you are interested in ghosts then the following two links to videos will be of interest to you. The first is from a website called The Tudor Trail and has an interesting film with Robert Hardy narrating. The second is from a website called Ghostwatching and is more spooky , but both tell the story of Katherine Parr.

With Halloween on its way perhaps you should fly over and visit Sudeley and the haunted town of Winchcombe, the castle is open daily through to the 6th November.
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