Saturday, 10 September 2011

Day Four: York

Hooray It's the weekend and I have time to write my next blog. The morning in Whitby started wet...very wet...torrential in fact. The brilliant and still cheery chaps looking after the campsite made me a lovely morning cuppa while I waited for my son to wake up! Once he did it was a case of throwing the wet tent, son and me into the car and off to Robin Hoods Bay

I really wanted to see it but I was just too wet so I took a very quick photo, and off to York. After finding that I had a Norwegian great grandfather I wanted to visit the Jorvik  Viking centre. The park and ride was easy dropping us off not far from the Jorvik centre  Grabbing a couple of pasties we stood back in the rain in the queue. Once through it wasn't as I expected,we walked into a dimly lit room with a glass floor and lots of computer style screens all showing different aspects of life and excavation...very disorientating....lots of people with no obvious place to go. Seeing another Queue we joined it to quickly find a funny little vehicle suspended from the ceiling...we got on ..pushed a button and off we set. To be honest it reminded me of being in a Ghost train at a fair..and it wasn't much bigger! The car took us through a theatrical stage set of life in Viking times,with voices of children coming out of speakers on our headrests,explaining what we were looking at. We went around a second time an adult voice with far better information.The rest of the exhibition was also dark and crampt, too many people really. I noticed on one board it said that cowrie shells had been found so they must have traded with people the south seas. I pointed out to one of the chaps working there that there was a cowrie beach on the west coast of the Hebrides...smaller shells but they might find bigger ones occasionally. He said he had never heard that and was going to research into it. After squeezing through the shop we were glad to be out into the rain. On a sunny day York must be beautiful but when the little streets are running like rivers and old drainpipes have holes that spray water sideways up into the faces of pedestrians...well it was just too wet. We bobbed along to York Minster, walking up the steps to face a wedding party blocking the entrance.With more than the usual amount of persuasion they eventually shifted out of the way to let us through.Inside the little bit we saw looked magnificent but then they wanted about £9 to get in, more to see the crypt and more o view the you can imagine I made my views heard.
Back into the rain we squelched our way to the Gladiator Exhibition..I think it had been on TimeTeam on the telly. A weird experience looking at a row of glass boxes with the seven skeletons of seven different types of gladiator. Trying to stay out of the rain we sat at a kids table with wooden towers, and plastic gladiators, horses and lions. Amazing how much fun you can have with lions riding the horses, and gladiators jumping around like ninja turtles mixed with a bit of James Bond.
It was gone four and we had had enough so got back onto a bus only to find a leaflet telling us about the Railway Museum that looked amazing and was FREE!  Botheration's I said quietly under my breath..or something similar.
It stopped raining ! a bit late but it made driving easier. A quick look at the map and off we set for Nottingham , Why Nottingham I hear you ask...well we were going to visit one of my sons dreams. The Warhammer World...I have to admit I wasn't that excited but he was, I'd already had a few days of 'How many days is it before we get to Nottingham '.
Stopping in the dark at a service station just outside Nottingham we popped in had a hot meal , got back into the car, pushed the seats back into our sleeping bags ..and fell asleep.
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