Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day Five -Nottingham

At last I'm back writing about my trip. We woke to a sunny morning on the Service Station Car park, (hence I accidentally left my lovely umbrella opens to look like a giant sunflower,) so it was a short drive into Nottingham to find 'Warhammer World' Unfortunately not important enough to have its own road signs, and the directions were under a pile of soggy tents and sleeping bags...but we found it..a big building with there logo of a winged something or son was both excited and relieved that the old banger had made it...this time I mean me not the car!
Walking in we were faced with a huge model 7 or 8 feet high, of course my son new its name, tactics, regiment etc etc.

 Upstairs we walked into a large room looking like a theatrical castle filled with gaming tables. Up the next stairs was a museum of Warhammer..I have to say that the models were quite brilliant.

Back downstairs the shop had opened and the games tables were operating....four hours later I dragged him out of the building ,off to a park and ride and onto a bus full of very jolly people,all of us heading for the city centre
Not the prettiest of places but the people more than made up for it, really friendly and helpful. At this stage I was running out of clothes and looked like I'd walked off a pantomime set...yes I looked remarkably like a younger version of widow twanky ..but I was on holiday, I was happy and I was enjoying myself.
We aimed for the target of Nottingham Castle...Robin Hood etc...not really a castle but great views, nice gardens and a lovely Museum and Art Gallery.

There were works by one of my favourite artists, Dame Laura Knighthttp
Unfortunately most were under glass ,but the staff said that for them it was a necessary evil,protecting the paintings and saving their money not having to do much restoration. My son was happy with an exhibition on Wall art with prints from lots of artists including Banksey. Downstairs was a childrens exhibition about Robin Hood, really nice displays and comfy sofa !

We were almost the last people ushered from the castle at closing time, the sun was still shining so armed with Ice creams we  followed the Robin Hood trail back into the town, back to the bus stop. I'd had a very funny trip to Nottingham Goose Fair many years ago, but that's another story !

Back in the car we set off for Shrewsbury and the Onslow Steam Rally. It didn't look that far on the map but I hadn't been ready for Telford. It didn't matter how many times I drove on the one road into Telford I always managed to find myself exciting the town on exactly the same road. I could have found Ketley and Whitchurch lots of times but the nearest major town..not a chance. Eventually as it was getting dark and I'd passed the zig zag patterned cliff for the umpteenth time I escaped , bolted out ( oops back to Robin Hood ) and got to the Rally. Luckily the security let us park up and we fell asleep in the car to the lights and sounds of various tractors and engines arriving for the fair.
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  1. Looks like you both had a great time on your journey back and such a good idea to take the time to stop off here and there. I do find the first picture here a bit scary, that must have been a bit of a shock to be faced with!



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