Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Trip to Edinburgh

My morning started at 8.30, it was a grey start but the Malverns were bathed in a golden light.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malvern_Hills .In the first 50 miles as I overtook a car I smelt burning rubber, I quickly went into the slow lane and found that luckily it wasn't me. Then lots of pieces of metal bounced onto the road from under a coach just before it pulled over to join quite a few other cars on the hard shoulder. Initially I wanted to stop at a few places on route but decided I had better keep moving!..with fingers crossed. I'm afraid the landscape from the road doesn't do much for me until just after Preston., but there are little pockets a great little sawmill on the left, a strange yard with a huge painted signboard with a mobile number on the right. Then I start seeing places that bring back all sorts of memories.
Knutsford-Where I worked with Miles painting many fine and fancy houses. Lymn where I buy a lot of my paint and gold leaf  www.stonehouses.co.uk ..
.Over The Manchester Ship Canal where we used to keep horses,Golbourne where there was a Horse drawn Rag and bone yard....his horse used to kick over cement mixers and sit on the bonnets of cars !,
Wigan its Pier and the saying I kept hearing people say...it's pigging this and pigging that...not a favourite of mine.
Past Chorley and it's lovely Chorley cakes..a bit like Eccles cakes  ..The following link has  a recipe for them  http://www.greenchronicle.com/regional_recipes/chorley_cakes.htm
Whittle le Woods where there used to be carriage sales, I remember a lovely journey to it on the back of a dray in the sunshine. Bamber bridge and Blackpool...too many stories !
Garstang where there is a great team of cloggers, breeches and huge hats full of flowers.
Then past Scorton church a regular stopping place on the way to and from Appleby Horse Fair. www.applebyfair.org  . Kirby Lonsdale, Sedbergh all Wagon stopping places. Over The River Lune where I used to do my washing before hanging it on the hedges to dry...everyone else travelling would know I wouldn't be moving that day.
As the journey goes on the landscape is beautiful, beautiful cottages and farms with smoke coming out of their chimneys...it's the middle of August !
Tebay services, time for a stop and petrol top up..as services go it's really lovely..actually a tourist attraction   http://westmorland.com/tebay-services It was warm in Winchcombe when I left a bit of a shock getting out at Tebay, I must have been the only one in a skirt and short sleeved blouse ! Then back on the road before turning off at Moffat, by the way the road surface on the motorways around here are amazing, so smooth and new looking . Moffat was packed maybe everyone was queuing up to buy Moffat balls ! www.mofattoffeeshop.com
One place worth stopping at for the view is the Devil's Beef tub http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil's_Beef_Tub
Theres a feel of Spain going through Romanno Bridge and passing a heavy plant company called Rose of Lamancho !
If you are a fan of corrugated iron like me then on the right was an amazing farm full of very tall barns all made of corrugated iron, sheets and sheets of it..I wish I'd stopped and taken a photo of it but I was so close to Edinburgh I felt I should keep the engine moving. Finally reaching the city, Ikea and asda...etc then the road leading me to Morningside ( where they filmed The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie ) and a lovely cup of tea...and an eccles cake all the way from Coleford in The Forest of Dean.



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