Friday, 19 August 2011

Olympic Torch

Today we visited Queensbury to see The Forth Railway Bridge. A local said that you could walk along it but after ascending goodness knows how many steps then walking along a forested path we found ourselves on Platform 1. A railway worker then told us its the road bridge that you walk along ,only workers and 'jumpers' walk along the Forth Bridge. So we descended and walked along the pier to take photos of the Lifeboat that was moored up along the Pier.
I suddenly realised that the small group of people by the Lifeboat were carrying the Olympic Torch...I didn't think we would ever see it. I asked if Johnjo could hold it and the Chap said Yes but I couldn't take a photograph...Brilliant. It did look like it was made of sequin waste but heavier. The 8000 holes represent the amount of people that have held the torch..we were very lucky ,what chance and good timing on our part!

Please have a look at Flicr for more photos of Queensbury and the Forth Bridge.

1 comment:

  1. I thought there was meant to be a flame!
    Anyway, perhaps they forgot the matches...hahaha.
    We went on the train that goes over the river,a few years ago, apparently you're meant to chuck a coin in the river for luck from the train....we didn't know that til after our trip. I thought Queensbury looked gorgeous as you approach it from the bridge.....have a great time k. and jj.



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