Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Northumberland..Great Casles,Great Beaches and Great Chips!

Leaving Edinburgh I decided to drive down to Berwick upon Tweed for first camp. Berwick had always looked lovely from the train but driving through,although pretty it was full of the usual shops,and I'm really not a shopping sort of person. We passed a Haven site then quickly drove past another that was in the middle of a housing estate. off we travelled south.
Following a side road we arrived at the causeway over to the Holy Island, where a film crew were reporting on the amount of tourists that had driven across paying no heed to the tide times. Like a lemming I followed all the other cars across, also not knowing the tide timetables...thinking that perhaps everyone else had looked.

. I didn't mind the thought of getting stuck over near Lindisfarne because it was very beautiful and I had a tent, juice and bread and butter ! The car park was packed so having set off knowing that we were going to move everyday we set off back towards Bamburgh.
What luck, we found a lovely friendly, pretty campsite with simple ammenities, perfect The chap running the site was happy , helpful and told us that we should visit Bamburgh, we will be blown away !..I also found that everyone camping  were also friendly, it makes such a difference.  After setting up the tent we set off to Bamburgh, not knowing quite  and what to expect.
Bamburgh is famous for being the Home of Grace Darling, The famous Victorian Heroine. In 1838 Grace Darling and her father a lighthouse keeper on the Farne Islands rowed out in their small open boat into raging seas to rescue nine men from the wreck of the SS Forfarshire.There is a memorial to her in the local churchyard.
We walked around the corner and Wow! blooming amazing.. Bamborough Castle rises into the clouds above the little town. in spectacular fashion...we had to visit The Royal Seat of the Kings of Northumbria Well worth the visit we were not be honest my photos don't do The Castle justice.!


Wow! blooming amazing Bamburgh Castle rises into the clouds above the little town...we had to visit The Royal Seat of the Kings of Northumbria
Alongside The castle are big sand dunes and a wonderful sandy beach...bit bracing but great....working up an appetite it was soon time for a visit to a chip shop.

Cottages on road between Bamburgh and Seahouses..I love them.

Seahouses wasn't the prettiest of places .probably looks better in the sunshine..but it had a big selection of least five within a minutes walk of each other.
 We eventually chose the shop that was a favourite of one of The Hairy Bikers...a couple of bearded chaps that are very interested in food off the telly.
Full of chips we set off back for camp... ending a lovely day by having a little walk along Budle bay listening to the curlews.

After a good nights kip falling asleep to the sound of the small stream next to the tent we packed up and set off for our next port of call......Beamish.
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  1. Oh, you are SO lucky. I have wanted to see Lindisfarne and Bamburgh Castle for ages.

  2. Northumberland is one of my favourite places in the whole world, only just beaten by the west coast of Scotland. Yep, in all it's rainy glory!



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