Thursday, 18 August 2011

Marvelous mechanical clocks

Today I had a great day walking around The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. In the discovery section is an amazing ten metre high clock tower. It shows the best and worst of the twentieth century, rather more of the worst but quite amazing. It has four sections, The Crypt, The Nave, The Belfry and The Spire. The Crypt shows an ancient spirit and an Egyptian monkey. The nave has the figures of Lenin, Hitler and Stalin. The belfry has Twelve figures each showing the months of the year but also showing the hardship and human tragedy. The Spire has a female figure holding a dead man in her arms. It is the Pieta  from the Italian for compassion and pity.
  It was made by the Millennium Clock makers Trust.
Annica Sandstrom- Glass Artist
Tim Stead- Furniture maker
Eduard Bersudsky-Kinetic carved figures
Jurgen Tubbecke-Clock maker
Maggy Lenert- Ilustrator
Tatyana Jakovskaya- Artistic direction and the Coordinator of the Project.


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