Tuesday, 30 August 2011

David Mach and Elizabeth Blackadder

During my visit to Edinburgh I visited quite a few Exhibitions, one of which was David Mach: Precious Light at The City Art Gallery. I really enjoyed it. David Mach is a Scottish artist who makes large scale collages and sculptures. He was born in Fife and trained in Dundee and London.This Exhibition was based on the Anniversary and Celebration of The King James Bible. There were five floors of his work including a studio where you could watch his team making a huge collage called the Last Supper, complete with flowered tablecloth. He has moved his London Studio to Edinburgh for the duration of the Exhibition.David Mach: Precious Light

His large sculptures are made from metal coat hangers and show men in pain on large crosses. Upstairs there were two heads one of the Devil and one of Jesus all made of coloured matches
I now want to have a go myself but probably not to such a large scale ! One tip I learnt about doing Collage or Decoupage was to lightly sand the edges of the cut paper on the back before gluing down. It gives a much smoother surface.
Another Exhibition I visited was Elizabeth Blackadder at the National Gallery in Edinburgh. To be honest I'm not really her greatest fan but I was interested in seeing her actual work as apposed to the printed variety. I prefer her watercolours to her oils but I was surprised at how smudgy her paper was around her pictures. I'd imagined that they would have been very clean .Southern Hemisphere Plants

Years ago when I worked at Beckford Silk Mill I helped work on a colour separation of one of her Iris pictures for a silk scarf. I worked in the top studio with a friend Carolyn Morgan. She now produces lovely leaded glass ornaments, selling them in Cirencester and Ledbury. http://cotswoldcraftmarket.co.uk/content/carolyn-morgan
While I worked there we worked on many designs for Buckingham Palace, Guinness, Famous Grouse, Imperial War Museum and many others. When the building was first opened I painted lots of signs for their interior. http://www.beckfordsilk.co.uk/
cafe sign and print room sign

Anyway, back to Dame Elizabeth Blackadder, It was a good show and I'm pleased I saw it..I think you can always come away having been inspired in one way or another even just by the way colours are put together or even the framing !
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