Monday, 11 July 2011

Snow and Balloons

At the weekend I was lucky enough to go to a wonderful Party. It was hosted by Darcey an old friend who runs Snowbusiness. We had snowball fights, stood around snow tables complete with penguin, and had trips up in a tethered balloon....fantastic. Funny thing is that Darcey really loves heat ! I remember years ago going to a Christmas party in the middle of the summer. Personally I would love to visit the Ice Hotel in Iceland, quite amazing. I also met an old friend from the mid 80's John Alderslade. We both worked at Relic Antiques when it was at Brillscote Farm, Lea near Malmesbury. John is a great childrens entertainer, magician and Punch and Judy Man. telephone 07757471447 The Mr Cameron was there, a very pleasant chap, only turns out that my younger sister knows his daughter !. Well I won't go into too many details I'll just add photos.

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