Sunday, 24 July 2011

Gypsy Petulengro travelling through Lancashire.

A few days ago I delivered a restored clock dial to a lovely couple in Cheltenham. Previously we had chattered about car boot sales, he said he'd look out for gypsy things for me and I'd look out for fishing flies for him.He had mentioned this to his wife so this time she handed me an envelope with a couple of photos showing Gypsy Petulengro and his family travelling through Hindley, near Wigan , Lancashire.Her father Mr Harry Gregory a fruit and Veg Merchant regularly lent his horse 'Tommy' to the family to help them move.
The wagon's are both different and aren't the usual you get to expect. The top one looks like either a Brayshaw or a Thomas, I can't be sure ..I'll be talking to Peter Ingram and John Pocket.
The Brayshaw business started in Lancashire in 1882 and they built farm wagons and repaired vehicles for Gypsies and Showfolk. The rail vans were very heavy and could be the lower photo. The early ones were built for horse drawing but later made for traction. After WW1 heavy duty lorries were bought from the government and converted into trailers. They were 26ft long and had rounded corners and often had round windows. Thomas Wagons from Chertsey Surrey also had round windows. Apparently the last wagon they built was in 1939 for a Mrs Swallow. It cost £850 ,when locally new semi detached houses cost £350 !
Out of interest Petul in Romany means Horseshoe so Petulengro means Blacksmith. Please look at for more information.
I have copies of ' Romany Herbal remedies and recipes, The open road to Health' by Gypsy Petulengro books for sale , limited number but I'm hoping to have a payal page very soon.keep looking !

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  1. "I like the look of the dog in the photograph, he is adoringly looking at his master....I do that too to my humans".



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