Sunday, 3 July 2011

Griff Rhys Jones at Sudeley Castle

Early on Friday morning, my mate Jane from Winds of Change Gallery, Jean Bray (sudeley's historian and all round lovely lady) and myself went up to the castle to make sound effects for a Tudor meal. It wasn't long before we found that we were going to be on film and we were staying in the clothes we had arrived in. Not even enough time to look in a mirror ! You'll have to see the programme next May to see what it was all about but basically Griff Rhys Jones and a Historian called Alison (sorry can't remember her surname but she has worked on telly programmes before) talked about what it would have been like if we had all been at the meal hosted by Sudeley Castle for Elizabeth 1. We had a great time and lots of laughs. Griff Rhys Jones was a very lovely chap and was asking all about us and Winchcombe ..he was also very knowledgeable on the subject.
I'll try and write a brief history now.. Thomas Seymour owned Sudeley Castle and Katherine Parr married and lived with him there in the same year that Henry V111 died.. They had been in love before then Henry V111 decided that he wanted her first. Elizabeth came to Sudeley to live after her father died. Katherine Parr was already pregnant and ended up sending Elizabeth away because Thomas Seymour had been flirting with Elizabeth and 'had passed the bands of propriety'. Unfortunately Katherine died a few days after giving birth to a daughter called Mary. Her funeral, the first royal protestant funeral was at Sudeley and her chief mourner was Lady Jane Grey. A few years later Thomas Seymour was executed 1549 after being indicted on 33 counts of treason and other misdemeanors against the king and Crown.
Above is a painting I did of the ruined banqueting hall and The Queens Garden.
Above me in the process of painting rooms and mural showing the arrival of Henry V111 and Anne Boleyn at Sudeley Castle.
The Queens Garden at Sudeley is named after the four Queens who have walked there, Queen Katherine Parr, Queen Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey and Queen Elizabeth 1. There are also two Kings buried in Winchcombe of a much older date, King Kenulf and Saint Kenelm.

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  1. Hello Katie, my word you have been busy lately. Must have been lovely to meet G R-J he seems to be a very amiable chap. Love your paintings, as always. Glad you are surrounded with a lot of goodness in your life these days and may it continue with these good fortunes always coming your way.......(sorry, I get poetic like this sometimes, but it is thoroughly heartfelt).....ann



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