Saturday, 2 July 2011


Last weekend I took a a group of boys to the WW2 Camp at Ashdown near Badsey, Worcestershire for their Wartime in the Vale Weekend....great but So hot! Later in the afternoon when the boys really wanted to go home I found myself saying we have to wait. So under umbrellas we waited for the flypast of The Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire. Unfortunately the Lancaster had engine problems so no flypast, I was really disappointed!
I'm not an anorak as far as aeroplanes but I love being in the air. Years ago I spent some time in Sweden with a group of people that were working out there. Most go an early flight back to England on the previous day so they could watch the Robins play football in Cheltenham. The next day we arrived to find that Concorde had been put on our flight !!!! I think it was the first time that it had been allowed to land in Sweden so there were thousands of people, army, TV crews etc. We all had to walk across the tarmac to Concorde and climb the steps...somewhere there must be some photos or film of it but I've never seen any. Once we were flying a Stewardess announced that if anyone wanted they could go into the cockpit with the pilots. Would you believe it I was the only one that went everyone else were all in suits and acted as if they travelled on Concorde everyday...daft beggars ! a chance of a lifetime. must visit Filton one day maybe the Concorde I flew on is there.

It,s amazing the way you just don't know whats waiting around the corner, amazing opportunities,events and new Friends can be there waiting for least that's what I think.

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  1. Wow!! Never knew you'd been on concorde. I must admit it would have been amazing, but I also have a part of me that is terrified of flying and I avoid it as much as possible. G even goes on hols by himself, my excuse is looking after William!



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