Saturday, 28 May 2011

Paint and more paint!

Deary me it's a while since I blogged...actually I haven't even managed to look at my computer all week. This week is The Winchcombe Festival of Music and Arts. spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday working with the whole local school..210 pupils aged between 5 and eleven.and all working on the same project. I had four 4ft x 7ft cut out butterflies and twenty cutout slot together pieces of ply that made a long Caterpillar ! A lot of fun but very tiring. I had a class at a time and they decorated the pieces..the next class following on filling in the spaces. It was really hard not to join in but I did help with mixing colours, opposite colours that clash and how to hold a paintbrush. Tuesday night was the Launch party at St Peters Church. Jane  organised a great Sculpture show there featuring Rupert Tills life sized sculpture of a child on a pony !
I also illustrated and helped produce a booklet of Poems by Helena Cavan. local composer and Poet. Helena and Marcel Zidani performed a cocert of piano and poetry yesterday...all went very well ..standing ovation...wish I could have been there but I was painting a Georgian dresser and doing some restoration on some pieces by Walter Crane. Last night was Ceroc night and tonight is Blues and Jazz. The sculpture exhibition is on till Monday I believe and there are open st. Please look at the Winchcombe website for more details.

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  1. Crumbs - you have been busy. Glad you're back blogging though, thought you had fallen off the planet!! Kids 5 -11 you need a medal, glad ours have grown up (well to a degree). Keep smiling, love from ann & graham... oh and william.



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