Saturday, 7 May 2011

gypsy dogs (Jukels)

I'm half way through reading 'Smoke in the Lanes' by Dominic Reeve. It's one of those books that I have owned for a long time but daftly had never read. It's a great book telling of his time travelling in a wagon with Beshlie in Wiltshire in the 50's. Some of the descriptions remind me of my time although short in a wagon..horses rearing in the shafts, the daily chores ,the fairs and many more events. I wish I had spent a lot more time in wagons and maybe I will again..The story also mentions the dogs they had, Dominic favouring great Danes of all dogs ! I had the good fortune of meeting both Dominic and Beshlie last year. Beshlie does the most lovely illustrations .
I had a beautiful lurcher called Megan..missed it meg (mystic meg )..because she often missed the rabbits but she was my shadow and I miss her still and although I'd love another dog I still can't think of replacing her. Somehow when you get a good dog you want them to live for as long as you do. She died a few years ago at the grand old age of fourteen. A couple of years ago I was working just outside Stow, during the morning I had to go out to my van to get some more paint. As I looked down the road a couple had parked and were walking across the road with a lurcher..just like my old Meg. I rushed down to them and asked if I could say hello, one look in the dogs eyes and I knew it was related to Meg. It turned out that the lady had been a vet down in Barnstaple when a chap living in a flat dropped some dogs off because he couldn't look after them and was moving. Well, I had got Meg from such a chap in Ilfracombe just down the road ! so I was more than likely right.
I've opened a shop on Etsy seling postcards of my paintings og gypsy scenes-


  1. And we have wonderful memories of Megan too. Do you remember how she would howl with excitement when she saw us. She'll never be forgotten.

  2. Hello Katie.. thanks for your message on twitter, which I couldn't reply to as you're not following me :) Happy to come across your work too... shall be following with interest: I have a love for all things vardo and folk artish. Also interested in discovering more about Beshlie, whose work and travels I've heard of.
    All the best from Devon where we live with a howling lurcher too :)



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